Share your heart... change a life... and light the world 


Agape International Alliance is a not for profit 501c3 Humanitarian and Medical relief organization providing life's essentials to the poor and needy in local, national and international regions on a global scale. We are called to promote health, healing and respond to various needs of the impoverished and hurting in their communities by forming an alliance with other organizations to accomplish these goals. We share a message of hope through the provisions and work performed by our missions teams.

Guiding Principles

Our faith in Christ is the center of who we are. We strive for Christ-like servanthood reflected through our actions. Sharing God's unconditional love by serving the poor. Regardless of race, color or religion.


Please join us, together you can help share love and optimism in a world full of despair and darkness to the poor and hurting. Help feed, clothe and provide medical care... share your heart... change a life...and light the world.